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Sending your kid to college is like playing ‘Russian roulette’ – ‘No Safe Spaces’ star Dennis Prager

Sending your kid to college is like playing ‘Russian roulette’ – ‘No Safe Spaces’ star Dennis Prager
Conservative radio host Dennis Prager says respect for free speech in America is dwindling and the roots of this trend is in colleges, so sending your kids there is like playing Russian roulette with their values.

Prager is one of the stars of ‘No Safe Spaces’, a new documentary lighting up the box office that takes a firsthand look at the erosion of free speech on the modern day US college campus. 

The film also stars podcaster Adam Carolla, comedian Tim Allen, and conservative commentators Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro. All are right-of-center celebrities who have spoken in the past about their concerns over free speech on college campuses. It will be put on wide release on December 6, but it already has been a hit at the handful of theaters it has played in earning over $400,000.

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On its opening weekend, the film even opened in one theater where it earned $45,000, the most for any documentary to gain from one theater besides Michael Moore’s ‘Sicko’ in 2007.

“Sending your child to college is playing Russian roulette with their values,” Prager told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum in an interview promoting the project.

The danger, Prager says, is that the modern day college campus is anti-free speech.

“About 50 percent of millennials believe the First Amendment should be modified to ban hate speech. But, of course, the whole point of free speech is that what you consider hate speech is irrelevant,” Prager said, adding that the younger and older generations who believe the First Amendment should be changed can mostly be found on college campuses, either in the role of student or teacher.

Along with the footage in ‘No Safe Spaces’, which includes protesters trying to shut down speaking events by commentators like Shapiro, the news cycle unfortunately supports Prager’s claims. Just last week, conservative commentator Ann Coulter visited the University of California at Berkeley for a speaking engagement.

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Videos from the event showed people looking to attend it being blocked from entering and even robbed. Multiple protesters were arrested. Free-market economist and Reagan administration advisor Arthur Laffer, far less controversial than Coulter, was also shouted down by protesters when giving a speech on economics last week.

This, Prager argues, is the fundamental problem to the “safe space” mentality on college campuses, whether you like or dislike is irrelevant.

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