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26 Oct, 2019 13:50

‘Prison is a prison’: Amanda Knox ‘wins Twitter’ after tackling Lady Gaga on fame metaphor

‘Prison is a prison’: Amanda Knox ‘wins Twitter’ after tackling Lady Gaga on fame metaphor

Lady Gaga might have been hoping to drum up a bit of public sympathy about life under the intense spotlight of fame, but her attempt to compare it to imprisonment was not appreciated by one person who would know: Amanda Knox.

Knox is in the position of having personal experience of both fame and incarceration, and seemed unimpressed by Gaga’s declaration on Twitter that “Fame is prison.”

Knox underwent a lengthy legal battle after being convicted and jailed in Italy for murdering her English flatmate and fellow visiting student Meredith Kircher in 2007. The case also saw her then-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito convicted on the same charge and created an intense media frenzy, with tabloids dubbing the young woman ‘Foxy Knoxy’.

The Italian Supreme Court finally overturned the convictions in 2015, and earlier this year the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Knox had not received a fair trial. 

Social media users were delighted with Knox’s mic-drop tweet, hailing her response as “winning Twitter” or that “Lady Gaga has just been owned,” and weighing in with memes.

Some of Gaga’s hardcore fans stuck by the star though, accusing Knox of trying to garner attention on the back of the singer’s popularity or completely failing to understand the concept of a metaphor. 

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