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28 Sep, 2019 00:22

The cringe is strong with this one! NYT tries its hand at Trump memes, falls flat on face & gets MEMED in return

The cringe is strong with this one! NYT tries its hand at Trump memes, falls flat on face & gets MEMED in return

The New York Times tried its hand at a Star Wars meme to celebrate the launch of impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump – and proved what conservatives have been saying for years: the Left can’t meme.

“A long time coming for a White House far from reality,” the clip reads, before launching into scrolling text designed to mimic the opening to the Star Wars films. Titled “Episode 45,” the meme features two and a half minutes of every misdeed – real and imagined – committed by Trump during his presidency, heavy on the Russiagate conspiracy theorizing.

“Chaos has engulfed the republic,” the Times declares, referring to Trump’s “fresh assault on fair elections” – referring to his July phone call with the president of Ukraine in which he suggested reopening a corruption probe into the gas company that hired ex-Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter on its board – as “the last straw.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi swoops in “to restore some semblance of order to the universe” – and it’s all downhill from there, as accusations from the fictional (Trump gave classified info to foreign officials!) to the petty (Trump called a woman “horseface”!) scroll by.

The Times, which tweeted this creation under “opinions,” was savagely ratio’d, and some – including conservative meme-master Carpe Donktum, a favorite of the president himself – crafted their own responses.

Some made less sense than others.

Many were openly disdainful of the Times’ meme efforts: “People can die from cringe related illnesses guys. Do better,” tweeted one.

“I’m gonna subscribe to your paper just so I can cancel my subscription now,” wrote another. “What on earth is wrong with you people?” someone else wondered.

Others got into the Star Wars spirit while still managing to throw shade on the egregious construct.

But some found a silver lining. “The only redeeming quality of this tweet is the ratio,” one person commented, referring to the fact the tweet has been viewed and commented on many more times than it’s been retweeted or liked.

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