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27 Aug, 2019 21:21

‘He’s a coward’: Epstein accusers outraged over suicide at last hearing as more murky details emerge

‘He’s a coward’: Epstein accusers outraged over suicide at last hearing as more murky details emerge

Women accusing the late financier Jeffrey Epstein of abuse and sex trafficking have called him a “coward” at his final court hearing, saying his suicide robbed them of justice. Questions around Epstein’s death remain unanswered.

The hearing was convened on Tuesday, where prosecutors were set to formally dismiss Epstein’s case following his prison suicide earlier this month, but District Judge Richard Berman allowed the accusers an opportunity to express themselves one last time before the case concluded. Several dozen accusers attended the hearing.

“Jeffrey Epstein sexually abused me for years,” said Courtney Wild, who says she was first abused by Epstein at the age of 14. “I feel very angry and sad, and justice has never been served in this case.”

Jeffrey Epstein robbed myself and all the other victims our day in court to confront him one by one, and for that he is a coward.

One accuser who wished to withhold her name said that while Epstein’s death did not give her comfort, she was nonetheless “happy he will never have the opportunity to hurt anyone else,” while Virginia Roberts Giuffre – who says she was “recruited” for sex with Epstein at 15 – said “my hopes were quickly dashed and my dreams were stolen” by the suicide.

‘He’s a coward’: Epstein accusers outraged over suicide at last hearing as more murky details emerge

Sarah Ransome, another accuser, asked prosecutors to continue pursuing the case. Epstein was known to associate with other wealthy and powerful figures, including former presidents (and the current one), billionaires and even royalty, some of whom have come under suspicion for participating in a sex trafficking ring run by Epstein and his one-time girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell.

“Please, please finish what you have started ... we all know he did not act alone,” Ransome said. “We are all survivors, and the pursuit of justice should not abate.”

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Mysteries surrounding Epstein’s August 10 death still abound, driving a flurry of conspiracy theories and speculation online. Weeks after unconfirmed rumors bubbled on social media that the surveillance cameras in or near Epstein’s prison cell had “malfunctioned” on the day of his suicide, investigators have now reportedly admit some of the footage is “unusable.” While it’s unclear whether an equipment malfunction is the culprit, the admission is sure to drive internet conspiracies for months to come.

One of Epstein’s lawyers, Martin Weinberg, appears to have his own suspicions. At Tuesday’s hearing Weinberg challenged a New York City coroner’s ruling earlier this month that the financier died by suicide, arguing that broken bones discovered in Epstein’s neck during his autopsy were “more consistent ... with homicide.”

“Find out what happened to our client,” the attorney told the judge, adding “We’re quite angry.”

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Rounding out the latest series of Epstein oddities is a report in the Telegraph stating the FBI may soon carry out a “forensic” sweep on the financier’s email exchanges, after agents seized two computers and a mobile device from his private compound in the Virgin Islands in mid-August. The story suggested the UK’s Prince Andrew – who reportedly had a close personal friendship with Epstein – could be implicated in the sweep, and may be asked to turn over his own communications.

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