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1 Aug, 2019 17:07

‘Dark cloud has been lifted’: RT America investigates Epstein’s ‘pedophile island’ (VIDEO)

‘Dark cloud has been lifted’: RT America investigates Epstein’s ‘pedophile island’ (VIDEO)

A RT America investigation of millionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean has revealed an extravagant hideaway cut off from the rest of the world and locals who are glad the registered sex offender is in jail.

RT America reporter John Huddy traveled to the US Virgin Islands to learn the truth about Little Saint James, nicknamed ‘Pedophile Island,’ where the highly-connected financier and his friends allegedly carried out sex crimes against minors. 

The island is complete with numerous imported palm trees, lavish buildings, a helipad, statues and even a fake cow grazing on perfectly-manicured grass.

Huddy swam to the island and walked up its dock, calling out in a bid to attract someone’s attention. He was soon approached by a man who refused to speak to him and asked him to leave. 

When Huddy returned to his boat the man continued to watch them through the trees. Another boat then arrived on the scene and began taking photos of Huddy and the rest of the RT America crew. However, it quickly sped away when the camera was pointed in its direction.

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On nearby Saint Thomas, the locals were extremely reluctant to discuss Epstein, saying they didn’t want to be associated with his story, but one boat captain told RT that they are relieved that he has finally been jailed and that “a dark cloud has been lifted.”

Huddy’s reporting revealed that Epstein was not well liked on the main islands of Saint Thomas and Saint John, with many saying they were uncomfortable with how he flaunted his wealth and seemingly scoffed at the law.

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