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24 Jul, 2019 22:50

Mueller hearing ‘very big mistake’ for anti-Trump #Resistance, but will they give up?

Mueller hearing ‘very big mistake’ for anti-Trump #Resistance, but will they give up?

President Donald Trump’s Democratic opponents have shot themselves in the foot by forcing Robert Mueller to testify publicly, not realizing he already done his best to make the probe look credible, journalist Aaron Maté told RT.

The testimony by former special counsel Robert Mueller only further highlighted the flimsiness of the Trump-Russia collusion narrative, which after more than two years of investigation ultimately turned up no evidence of conspiracy.

“Democrats made a very big mistake in calling this hearing today,” Maté said. “They didn’t realize the investigation was baseless and that Mueller and his team actually did their best to make this investigation look credible.”

This hearing has been disastrous for the Democrats because Robert Mueller for over two years has been portrayed as a their savior figure.

The journalist noted Mueller’s refusal and even seeming inability to answer basic questions about his own probe, including about the notorious research firm Fusion GPS, which helped to kick off the FBI’s initial Trump-Russia investigation with the infamous “Steele dossier.”

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“It was a telling moment when Robert Mueller didn’t want to answer the question about Fusion GPS,” Maté said, pointing out how the former special counsel repeatedly stated certain subjects “weren’t in his purview.”

But the “disastrous” hearing, during which Mueller refused to “go along” with obvious efforts to blame Trump for anything potentially impeachable, is unlikely to "stop the Democrats from continuing with this Russiagate business,” Mate noted. The question is whether Trump will now be “challenged on his actual policies, not on a now totally debunked conspiracy theory.”

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