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Could angry gamers hurt Trump’s chances in 2020 as tariffs on game consoles hit hard?

Could angry gamers hurt Trump’s chances in 2020 as tariffs on game consoles hit hard?
Donald Trump might not realize just how costly his trade war with China could end up being. Gamer and tech expert Arturo Monlui tells RT that rising game console prices could cost Trump major points in the upcoming election.

The number of adults in the United States who play video games is well over 60%, and, as Monlui warned, “the gaming community is very united on these situations and will put a lot of pressure on Mr. Trump.” In other words, while the phrase “gamers, rise up!” is something of a meme, it might also serve as a serious warning in what is likely to be a tight presidential race.

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Although the overwhelming majority of those who play games are playing on their cellphones, the industry itself is far from the fringe community of geeks it had been in the 80s, now hitting over $40 billion a year in revenue.

With video game consoles from the leading companies all being made in China, Trump’s ongoing trade war could see an increase of up to 21% in costs, leaving a lot of gamers, many of whom double as voters, very angry.

Warning that China’s upcoming 5G dominance will see them moving away from consoles and “[migrating] everything onto super-servers proving online high-speed content,” Monlui also noted that China could easily end up the real winner from Trump’s bad policies.

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