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28 Jun, 2019 09:46

Paradigm shift: Debate at SPIEF 2019 with Peter Lavelle

The structure of the world economy is undergoing changes owing to technological progress and digitalization. The transition from a mono-centric model to fragmentation into platforms has been aggravated by the crisis in the world trade system and growth of protectionism in various forms. Against this background, the share of intermediate goods in global trade is growing rapidly. At the same time, industries are shifting to high-tech, knowledge-based applications with a growing share of services value, and the effective participation by economies in value chains as drivers of economic growth and integration into global trade is increasing. How will world trade be organized and how can we adapt to the new economic paradigm of the 21st century? Which combination of tools will be most effective in ensuring quality and beneficial integration into Global Trade 2.0?

List of Speakers:

Mikhail Zadornov, president and chairman of the management board, Otkritie FC Bank

James McCormack, global head of sovereign and supranational ratings group, Fitch Ratings

Timur Maksimov, deputy minister of economic development of the Russian Federation

Dmitry Pankin, president, chief executive officer, chairman of the board of directors, Black Sea Trade and Development Bank

Jean-Pierre Thomas, president, Thomas Vendome Investment

David Hauner, head of emerging markets economics & strategy, EMEA, Bank of America Merrill Lynch International Ltd

Paul Chan, financial secretary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China

Frank Schauff, chief executive officer, Association of European Businesses

Alexander Zhukov, first deputy chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

Xu Sitao, chief economist, partner, Deloitte, China

Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/rttv/sets/crosstalk