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29 Jun, 2019 10:36

Kushner’s peace plan and Maradona’s hand of God (E286)

The Bahrain summit, which was scaled down to a workshop, was billed as the “deal of the century” by Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner. So, who could resist snapping up a bargain from such a pair of deal brokers? Just about everyone, it appears. No Palestinian attended, and Mr. Kushner’s blueprint for peace in Palestine became a brochure. Kuwait refused to attend at all, and the Arab countries which did attend were represented at the lowest possible diplomatic level. David Hearst is the editor of Middle East Eye and former foreign editor of the Guardian. So, we invited him into the studio to discuss the attempted fire sale of the Palestinian issue.

Asif Kapadia’s epic film ‘Diego Maradona’ seems set to follow the same track as his Oscar-winning film ‘Senna’, the documentary about the life and death of legendary racing driver Ayrton Senna. The Maradona movie is powerful beyond words, and the man who is responsible for the words on which the film is built is a Manchester-based writer whose book ‘Once Upon a Time in Naples’ was snapped up by filmmakers. The film is as much about the city of Naples as it is about Maradona himself. So, John Ludden came into the studio to talk about ‘the hand of God’ and much more.

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