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13 Jun, 2019 03:13

‘Not an interference!’ Trump would ‘listen’ if foreigners offered dirt on 2020 opponents

‘Not an interference!’ Trump would ‘listen’ if foreigners offered dirt on 2020 opponents

Donald Trump said he would welcome kompromat on his political rivals from any sources – including foreign powers – without necessarily telling the FBI, throwing new bait to Russiagaters so desperate to see him impeached.

Gathering dirt on political opponents is normal in politics, US President Donald Trump told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos.

“I think you might want to listen, there isn’t anything wrong with listening,” Trump said. “If somebody called from a country, Norway, [and said] ‘we have information on your opponent’ – oh, I think I’d want to hear it.”

It's not an interference, they have information – I think I'd take it.

Trump equated this type of information to ‘opposition research’ – common practice in American political campaigns. If the information arouses suspicion, the president said he would probably call the FBI, but otherwise, real life simply “doesn’t work that way.”

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“Somebody comes up and says, ‘hey, I have information on your opponent,’ do you call the FBI?” he said. “The FBI doesn’t have enough agents to take care of it... You don’t call the FBI. You throw somebody out of your office, you do whatever you do.”

Trump made the bold comments just months after Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluded his nearly two-year investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election. Despite the hype, Russiagaters were left bitterly disappointed after the probe failed to establish any criminal conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

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