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4 Jun, 2019 10:24

Hypocrite Hillary? Clinton berated for painting Sanders as sore loser in election run

Hypocrite Hillary? Clinton berated for painting Sanders as sore loser in election run

Hillary Clinton has no nice words to say about Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, claiming that he will ‘burn the place down’ if he loses a district in the election. Her words were met with mockery and cries of hypocrisy.

Clinton’s comments were included in a Page Six article by Cindy Adams after an off-the-record conversation between the pair. When asked about the current Democratic presidential candidates, Adams said Clinton has “No good words about no good Bernie Sanders. Stuff like: Anyone overtaking him in a district considered his, he’ll burn the place down.”

Clinton has long been accused of being a sore loser after her failed 2016 presidential run against Republican Donald Trump. She has repeatedly blamed Sanders, the Russians, the FBI, Barack Obama, the media, and Green candidate Jill Stein for her shocking loss.

When Sanders lost the 2016 Democratic primary to Clinton, he endorsed her and supported her run for the White House by embarking on a multi-state campaigning marathon, showing his support for his rival at 39 rallies in 13 states in three months.

Clinton’s district comment likely refers to Sanders’ supporters anger over a number of primary votes in which Sanders won the majority of the people’s votes, but when superdelegates were added to the tally, he lost as they had already pledged themselves to Clinton.

Also on rt.com New DNC email leak reveals anti-Sanders bias, pro-Clinton collusion among top officials

Sanders angered his supporters by getting behind Clinton despite the fact that leaked emails had revealed that the Democratic National Committee was biased towards Clinton and worked against him, and Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s emails revealed how dismissive the Clinton campaign was towards Sanders, how it was passed debate questions in advance, and that it was leaked Sanders’ strategy for a Twitter outreach campaign to Black voters by DNC chair Donna Brazile.

As for other candidates in the crowded Democratic field, Clinton acknowledged Kamala Harris’ ability and said Elizabeth Warren is “smart as a whip.”

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