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12 May, 2019 10:15

Actress proposes mandatory vasectomies in response to restrictive abortion laws

Actress proposes mandatory vasectomies in response to restrictive abortion laws

Evan Rachel Wood has called for mandatory vasectomies for men in response to harsh abortion bills being introduced in the US. The actress says it is a way to prevent unwanted pregnancies when abortion is not an option.

Wood made the comment in response to Georgia banning abortion after a heartbeat is detected, which is usually at six weeks. Women often don’t know they are pregnant until at least the fifth week, so the law makes abortion very difficult. “They want to control our bodies,” Wood said.

“Mandatory vasectomies until you want to have children. They can be reversed, so,” she tweeted. “Come on guys, Let's save lives!”

“What’s that? A hard no? Why? Cause it’s your body and we don’t get to make that choice for you? Ooooooohhhhhh!!!” she added.

Wood’s suggestion was met with support among her followers. However, unsurprisingly, many questioned the logic behind it and expressed displeasure at the idea.

Wood later clarified her position, explaining she doesn’t really want mandatory vasectomies because she doesn’t “believe we should legislate peoples bodies.”

“I used the example to point out the hypocrisy of always putting the responsibility, punishment,  blame, or means of prevention, solely on women,” she explained.

Wood also took aim at the media’s coverage of her suggestion. She shared a Newsweek article about her idea, pointing out that a domestic violence law she wrote didn’t get coverage, but when she made “a joke about vasectomies,” the outlet thought it was newsworthy. “We will sensationalize a man’s member before we listen to a woman’s suffering.” she said.

The social media scuffle comes as fellow actress Alyssa Milano called on women to withhold sex to protest a number of restrictive abortion bills, which includes Alabama’s upcoming vote on a bill to ban abortion once a fertilized egg is in utero, which happens before a woman’s period is even due and would make abortion near impossible.

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