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2 Jan, 2019 16:03

‘Trump all day’: Kanye West reaffirms love of Donald Trump in first 2019 tweets

‘Trump all day’: Kanye West reaffirms love of Donald Trump in first 2019 tweets

Kanye West’s on-again, off-again love affair with US President Donald Trump seems to be on again for 2019, as the controversial rapper redeclared his support for the president in a New Year’s Day tweetstorm.

“Trump all day,” West wrote in the first post, adding a series of green dragon emojis and following it up with a tweet that read: “Just so in 2019 you know where I stand.”

The rapper went on to explain that his favorite ‘Make America Great Again’ hat (which he has referred to as his “superman cape”) represents the fact that “people can’t tell me who I should do (sic) because I’m black.”

That tweet seems to have disappeared, however, being replaced by one in which West vowed that he would perform wearing the ‘MAGA’ hat in future. Adding a bit of political analysis, West said that 90 percent of black people are Democrats. “That sounds like control to me,” he wrote.

There was some confusion recently, however, over whether the Chicago native had soured on Trump after he admitted he had been “used to spread messages I don’t believe in” just a couple of weeks after meeting Trump at the White House. He then laid out his “ACTUAL beliefs” which included “common-sense gun laws” and support for refugees “seeking asylum and parents who are fighting to protect their children from violence and war.”

West then said he would be “distancing” himself from politics and “focusing on being creative” instead. But his political hiatus didn’t last long and it seems that the self-declared “genius” is ready to climb back on the Trump train.

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West has received massive backlash since he first admitted his support for Trump during the 2016 election campaign. After his Oval Office meeting with Trump in October, during which he acted erratically and delivered a meandering 10-minute long monologue about Trump, racism and the media, he was branded“mentally ill,” “crazy” and “illiterate” with “clinical issues.”

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