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26 Oct, 2018 01:22

Black teen says she's white & trashes black people in viral VIDEO

Black teen says she's white & trashes black people in viral VIDEO

In a bizarre clip now going viral on social media, a black teen who has had the KKK on speed-dial “since, like, middle school” is shown insulting her own race and insisting she's white.

The 16-year old, identified only by her first name, Treasure, comes off chillingly sincere when she calls her black peers "hood rats" and "monkeys."

"It made me feel good to put down an African American person because it helps them stay in their place," she tells the camera with no visible trace of humor or trolling.

Her mother admits that she hoped the girl would "grow out of it," but finally sought help from TV personality and human clickbait Dr Phil. She describes what it was like to raise Treasure, who favored white dolls even as a child and played with black dolls only to use them as slaves.

Treasure's mother has told her many times that she's not white, but the teen refuses to believe her. She "can't relate" to black people, whom she calls "thug and criminal" and "dangerous," and will cross the street to avoid them. She contrasts her own physical appearance with her exaggeratedly negative perceptions of black physicality.

Treasure presents an interesting contrast to Rachel Dolezal, the white woman of Irish heritage who reinvented herself as a black woman, braiding her hair and wearing traditional African dress, and rose to head a chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Dolezal was only "outed" when her parents spoke to the media in 2015. She lost her job teaching Africana Studies at Eastern Washington University and her position at the NAACP and has since changed her name to Nkechi Amare Diallo.

Now the transracial shoe is on the other foot.

Treasure seems convinced that nothing will change her mind about her race. "I don't just think I'm white, I know I'm white. There's no doubt in my mind."

Despite the fact that it came from the mouth of a black girl, the racist language used in the segment is beyond almost anything normally allowed on television. While Treasure’s self-hating diatribe raised a few eyebrows on Twitter, the reaction could not be described as anywhere close to ‘outraged.’

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By contrast, NBC’s Megyn Kelly was flayed alive online earlier this week when she launched into an ill-advised defense of ‘blackface’ as a Halloween costume, arguing that ‘blacking up’ is totally okay, as long as you’re “dressing up as a character.”

Kelly’s comments provoked fury online, and the host issued a teary apology the following day. A day later, Kelly did not appear on her morning show, and multiple outlets have reported that Kelly is negotiating an exit from NBC.

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