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12 Oct, 2018 11:35

Yeezy to guess: Kanye’s iPhone passcode revealed during Trump White House meeting (VIDEO)

Yeezy to guess: Kanye’s iPhone passcode revealed during Trump White House meeting (VIDEO)

The revelation that Kanye West has the worst possible iPhone passcode shouldn’t be the standout takeaway from his Oval Office meeting with Donald Trump covering prison reform, slavery and future presidential bids. But it is.

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The bizarre meeting, laden with F-bombs, hugs and rambling monologues, was broadcast live by a number of media outlets. The headline grabbing one-liners and strange ideas thrown at the US President were enough to keep the media and netizens busy for days.

However it appears viewers can agree on one thing in particular that shook them to their very core. Kanye’s iPhone passcode.

The self-professed “genius” unlocked his phone in front of the world’s media to show Trump what he should replace Air Force One with the iPlane1, a hydrogen-powered concept aircraft that would be built by Apple. “We’re going to have Apple - an American company - work on this plane,” said the rapper.

While pulling up a picture of the concept aircraft to show the president, Kanye - who appeared to be using either an iPhone X or XS which both allow for Face ID recognition before seeking a manual passcode - unlocked his phone with one of the most easily guessed combinations on the planet, 000000.

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For the record Apple, who don’t make airplanes, declined to comment on the endeavor and Boeing, who made Air Force One, is a US company which manufactures its planes in Washington.

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