The Russians may be writing Trump’s tweets, celebrated Russiagate sleuth claims

The Russians may be writing Trump’s tweets, celebrated Russiagate sleuth claims
Donald Trump has long been accused of colluding with the Kremlin, but one authoritative Russiagate disciple has now suggested that even Trump’s tweets are linked to Russia – exemplifying the sharp analysis that permeates Twitter.

According to Leah McElrath, a writer and activist who worked as a senior writer and director of social media for Shareblue Media, Trump’s tweets ahead of his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki “definitely” weren’t written by him because they contained fishy vocabulary like “retribution” and “sins and evils” – huge red flags.

After “going down a rabbit hole,” McElrath returned to Twitter to declare that the “very feudal, Eurasian concept” of Trump’s tweets could possibly be attributed to Aleksandr Dugin – a Russian philosopher and former professor at Moscow State University.

Her sobering observations are further supported by the fact that the tweets used distinctly un-American language.

“The way cities in Russia are referred to is strange (more Russian than American): ‘the great city of Moscow’, spelling out ‘Saint Petersburg’,” McElrath noted.

However, after broadcasting these shocking revelations, McElrath told her Twitter followers that she didn’t feel comfortable explaining the “ominous” implications of her bombshell findings.

“Lots of folks in my mentions are asking me to be explicit about what I think these tweets are implying or signaling and why I see them as ominous. I’m not comfortable doing that publicly for a variety of reasons. I’m sorry. But I want you to pay attention as this plays out,” she wrote.

McElrath’s hypothesis is all the more damning because the US president has made a name for himself as a voracious and provocative tweeter. But if the Russians are even behind his tweets, what does America have left?

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