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20 Apr, 2018 18:57

‘Recent strikes showed that Trump essentially does not know what to do in Syria’

‘Recent strikes showed that Trump essentially does not know what to do in Syria’

The lack of any coherent strategy on Syria is the main problem for the White House, which frequently produces mixed signals, confusing its allies and foes alike, analysts have told RT’s CrossTalk host Peter Lavelle.

The US-led strikes on Syria, which were carried out last Saturday under the pretext of an alleged chemical incident in the town of Douma, have shown once again that the US administration, and President Donald Trump specifically, have no clue what to do in the country, political commentator on Syria Danny Makki believes. Trump’s actions ahead of the attack –and after it– have demonstrated a remarkable lack of consistency.

“You’ve got Trump, who’s just discussing leaving Syria, then in the next couple of days he sets another redline and then he begins to make threats of attacking Syria after an alleged chemical weapons attack, which was not verified internationally,” Makki recalled.

“And he chose to strike Syria on the same day when the UN chemical weapons inspectors arrived to actually investigate the scene. So, from that perspective, you’ve got a leader who’s acting in a very confusing way. Who’s misleading himself, his administration and his allies. And who essentially doesn’t know what to do in Syria.”

The “mixed signals” coming from Washington have a negative impact on the situation in Syria and damage the US Middle East policies as a whole, Professor of Conflict Resolution at George Mason University Mohammed Cherkaoui agrees.

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“Apparently, there have been mixed signals coming from the White House in particular. And I think there’s no disagreement that President Trump lacks a coherent strategy or an after-attack plan how to sustain presence or how to sustain the impact of the US policy in the Middle East,” Cherkaoui said.

The lack of a coherent strategy and any tangible results of Trump’s policy on Syria, have effectively got his administration in the same “trap” as his predecessor. “Trump has entrapped himself in the very same position like Obama, and his lack of an effectiveness on the field has turned the United States into a joke now,” Cherkaoui added.

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