‘Resistance reigns’: Flash-mob protesters invade park near Trump’s plush LA golf club (PHOTOS)

‘Resistance reigns’: Flash-mob protesters invade park near Trump’s plush LA golf club (PHOTOS)
A crowd of protesters invaded a park adjoining President Donald Trump’s Los Angeles golf course on Saturday to spell out the word ‘resist’ near the luxury resort.

Members of the Indivisible organization, a self-described grassroots campaign opposing the president, lay down on a stretch of grass in front of the Trump National Golf Club in Palos Verdes. 

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The flash-mob-like protest saw some 200 Indivisible supporters pose for aerial pictures after forming a series of human chains to spell out the word ‘resist’. 

With the help of former congressional staffers, Indivisible has devised a guide for “individuals, groups and organizations” to help in “weakening pro-Trump Republican resolve.” The anti-Trump blueprint includes efforts to influence members of congress and advises people to get involved in local politics. 

Indivisible says that, by adopting a defensive strategy that “pressures” members of congress, people can “stall” and “reaffirm the illegitimacy of the Trump agenda.”

Images from Saturday’s demonstration show the human ‘resist’ message emblazoned on a field in Founder’s Park. The public amenity is around 300 meters from the entrance to the Trump National Golf Club, where a round on the course can cost up to $300.

“Proud to have been a part of this demonstration this morning with Indivisible San Pedro at the public park adjacent to the Trump National Golf Course,” said protester Jane Lofton on Instagram.

Another Indivisible supporter said the group, whose Saturday protest included children, will continue to oppose Donald Trump’s government.

“This morning we resisted at a Trump property,” said Instagram user Molliebrent. “And we’ll keep resisting.”

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On March 12, Trump’s Palos Verdes site was also targeted by anonymous environmentalists, who carved the words ‘No more tigers, no more woods’ into a golf green.

The group later explained to the Washington Post that the stunt had been staged in response to the Trump administration’s “blatant disregard” of environmental issues.