6 incidents of shots fired at cops in last 2 weeks – Chicago PD

6 incidents of shots fired at cops in last 2 weeks – Chicago PD
The Chicago Police Department says that since November 27, its officers have been targeted by gunfire six times, the latest occurring early on December 8.

Early Thursday morning, Chicago PD received a call about a man with a firearm in the city's University Village neighborhood, a block from the campus of the University of Illinois-Chicago, according to the Chicago Tribune. 

While Chicago PD officers were responding to the call, someone fired at the officers, the Chicago PD told local news outlets. No one was injured, but a gun was recovered, Chicago DNAinfo reported.

A suspect was taken into custody by police, Chicago PD said, adding that the likely-intoxicated suspect yelled, "I want to go home," as he was placed in the police squad car, the Tribune reported.

The shooting was the sixth time Chicago PD officers have been fired upon since November 27, according to reports citing police sources.

Police say that on November 28, two men fired at police amid an illegal gun sale; on December 1, a SWAT team was called to apprehend suspects who had allegedly shot at a Chicago PD commander; and on December 6, shots were reportedly fired at police in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood. One further incident of shots fired at police occurred since November 27, according to the Chicago PD, yet the details of that incident are not immediately clear, Chicago DNAinfo reported.

There is no apparent connection between the six alleged targetings of Chicago PD officers since November 27 and any particular incident. However, the recent targeting spree began days after a Chicago PD sergeant fatally shot unarmed 19-year-old Kajuan Raye.

Late on November 23, the Chicago PD sergeant — who has not been officially identified by the department — was responding to a call regarding an alleged battery in progress in the city's West Englewood neighborhood. Upon arrival at the scene, the sergeant found a man, later identified as Kajuan Raye, that "matched the description of the offender," Chicago PD Superintendent Eddie Johnson has claimed.

The sergeant, a white man, approached Raye, a black man, but Raye began to run away, police said. The sergeant chased Raye, who at some point "turned and pointed" a weapon at the sergeant, Chicago PD has claimed. The sergeant then fired at Raye, hitting him in the back. Raye was pronounced dead shortly after.

Chicago PD combed the area for the gun reportedly pointed at the sergeant, but a comprehensive search for a weapon yielded nothing, Chicago PD has said.

Last week, Johnson stripped the sergeant of his policing rank, saying he has "concerns about this incident," the Tribune reported.

One week ago, Raye's family filed a lawsuit against the sergeant, identified in the suit as John Poulos. The sergeant similarly chased and fatally shot a man in 2013. Poulos said the man, Rickey Rozelle, had pointed a gun at him during a chase following an alleged nonviolent offense, but no weapon was found in that case either. Poulos was not officially punished for killing Rozelle. A lawsuit filed against Poulos for Rozelle's death is pending.

The Independent Police Review Authority in Chicago, which probes reports of police misconduct, offers a list of cases currently under investigation by the independent body.