And the winner is …. Polls show Clinton leading after 1st debate

And the winner is …. Polls show Clinton leading after 1st debate
As the second debate in the presidential election looms, the effects of the first are being reflected in recent polling, which shows Hillary Clinton at an advantage over Donald Trump.

While Trump made gains on Clinton in the run-up to the debate last week, his Democratic rival has reaped the rewards of the face-off and its aftermath, which was largely seen as a victory for the former secretary of state.

While both candidates remain close in national polls, Clinton has managed to gain as much as 5 points since last week.

Real Clear Politics, which tracks all national polls places Clinton with 47.8 points to Trump’s 45. When third party candidates Dr Jill Stein and Libertarian Gary Johnson are included, Clinton gets 43.8 points to Trump’s 41, while Johnson gets 7.2 and Stein 2.3.

CBS’s Presidential Poll Tracker places Clinton at 45.9 percent of decided voters, an increase of .5 percent from last Sunday. Trump has lost .6 percent since then, landing at 42.8 points.

Fox News shows Trump down one point and Clinton up one, while Ipsos/Reuters has each candidate up two points.

A Politico/ Morning Consult poll shows Clinton with a 5-point jump from before the debate, while Trump has fallen three points.

Clinton now has a 6-point advantage over Trump nationally according to Politico/Morning Consult, with 42 points to his 36 in a four-way race that saw Johnson with 9 percent and Stein at 2 percent. In a two-way vote, Clinton leads by seven points with 46 percent.

Trump experienced a less than ideal week following the debate. The Clinton campaign released a damning ad which accused the Republican candidate of being cruel and abusive to a former Miss Universe contestant, Alicia Machado. Trump then doubled down on his actions, tweeting that the woman had a sex tape.

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On Saturday, the New York Times released a report which showed Trump made a loss of $915 million in his 1995 tax returns.

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The Morning Consult/Politico poll asked voters if the Miss Universe story made them have a less favorable view of Trump. Fifty-five percent of women said yes, and 43 percent of those polled said it would make them less likely to support Trump.

Bloomberg reports Clinton has a one-point lead against Trump in swing state North Carolina in both two way and four candidate polls.

A Monmouth poll in Colorado places Clinton in the lead by 11 points, with 49 percent to Trump’s 38 among likely voters.

When it comes to the electoral college, Trump has dropped from 221 to 197, while Clinton went from 317 to 341, CBS reports.

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Vice presidential candidates Republican Mike Pence and Democrat Tim Kaine will debate Tuesday, allowing voters to get to know the running mates. An ABC poll on Sunday revealed over 40 percent of voters were unable to name either candidate.