Paul Ryan struggles to convince many he supports Trump at RNC

Paul Ryan struggles to convince many he supports Trump at RNC
House Speaker Paul Ryan shocked many with his Republican National Convention speech. For some, it was the fact that the Wisconsin congressman mentioned Donald Trump just one time, but others took issue with how enthusiastic he was, considering the pair’s past relations.

“The next time that there's a State of the Union address, I don't know where Joe Biden and Barack Obama are going to be, but you'll find me right there” with “Vice President Mike Pence and President Donald Trump,” Ryan said, with chants of “Trump! Trump!” ringing out from the convention floor.

The chanters spoke Trump’s name many times more than Ryan did. He had long been reluctant to support Trump, even after the billionaire businessman became the presumptive nominee. The two met privately in May to discuss an agreement, but even then Ryan did not endorse him.

“Whatever we lack going into this campaign,” Ryan said in his speech Tuesday night, “we should not lack for motivation.”

Twitter was not quite convinced.

“In the plainest terms I know, it is all on the line. So, let's act that way,” he added, to the consternation of those who felt it sounded a little too condescending from someone who had once lingered on the fence or even criticized Trump before complimenting him.

“The Obama years are almost over. The Clinton years are way over. 2016 is the year America moves on,” Ryan continued, building up to more attacks that garnered large cheers.

“Progressives deliver everything but progress,” he said. “Yet we know better than most that Republicans can't win just on the failures of Democrats.”

“What do you say that we unify this party?” Ryan said. “Unity is everything”