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18 Jul, 2016 14:10

Republican convention in Cleveland

Republican convention in Cleveland

The Republican convention, which makes Donald Trump the GOP candidate for the presidential election, is underway in Cleveland, OH. Thousands of protesters are expected to rally outside, disgruntled with the party agenda and the candidate.

  • 22 July 2016

    02:54 GMT

  • 02:48 GMT

  • 02:47 GMT

    Trump says that Bernie Sanders, "never had a chance," but his supporters will join him over trade issues.

  • 02:44 GMT

    Reports of protesters being manhandled in the convention arena are beginning to come in.

  • 02:41 GMT

    "I am your voice" - Trump

    "How great are our police?" Trump asks, "and how great is Cleveland!"

  • 02:34 GMT

  • 02:33 GMT

  • 02:25 GMT

    Trump went on to claim that "tens of thousands," of illegal immigrant families are being released into communities. He goes on to talk about Sara Root, a woman killed by an illegal immigrant in a drunk driving accident. 

    He refers to Rute as, "one more child to offer on the alter of open borders."

  • 02:22 GMT

    He refers to the, "attacks on the police" as a threat to the nation along with foreign terror. He goes on to say, "we cannot afford to be so politically correct anymore."

  • 02:19 GMT

    Donald Trump has officially accepted the nomination. He joined in the "USA!" chants.