TSA security chief removed from position over “mismanagement”

TSA security chief removed from position over “mismanagement”
The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has removed its head of security from his post following a US House of Representatives hearing earlier this month.

The Oversight Committee met on May 12 to discuss long lines at airport security checkpoints and criticized the TSA for paying out more than $90,000 in bonuses and awards to head of security, Assistant Administrator Kelly Hoggan over a 13-month period.

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Hoggan’s dismissal was confirmed by the Oversight Committee on Twitter Monday night.

TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger had been questioned by the committee about why Hoggan was awarded such bonuses when waiting times in security lines were not improving.

He was also quizzed on retaliatory techniques used by management against whistleblowers.

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The TSA has felt a major public backlash as passengers in airports across the US experienced excessively long waiting times and missed flights due to lengthy security lines. The frustration even spurred a hashtag #iHateTheWait and a viral video.

The TSA has blamed the long waits at security checkpoints on federal budget cuts which resulted in the loss of thousands of staff in 2014.

The agency has yet to comment on Hoggan’s dismissal, but announced several changes to its management in an internal memo on Monday, according to CNN.

"These adjustments will enable more focused leadership and screening operations at critical airports in the national transportation system," Neffenger reportedly wrote in the leaked memo.

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