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24 Jan, 2016 20:35

Thousands march for Bernie, blame media for 'nearly nonexistent' coverage (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Thousands march for Bernie, blame media for 'nearly nonexistent' coverage (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

People took to the streets of several major US cities on Saturday, marching to express their support for the Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. But, as some suggested, the East Coast blizzard stole the attention.

Some good signs at the #MarchForBernie today 🔥🔥🔥

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☃❄️🌬 #marchforbernie #berntheblizzard

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While action group US Uncut reported on the event as "the first-ever nationwide march for a presidential candidate," rallies across the country incurred little attention from the mainstream media, participants claimed.

Saying that the coverage was "nearly nonexistent," Sanders' supporters took to social media, sharing images of "pretty loud" crowds in different US cities.

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Chicago #MarchforBernie ☺ #feelthebern #berniesanders #wearebernie

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One of the biggest crowds gathered in Chicago, with thousands of others who support the Democratic Party contender for the presidential nomination marching in Massachusetts, New York, California, Louisiana, Michigan, Texas and other states. Supporters in at least 35 cities took the streets, US Uncut reported.

More Marching #bernie2016 #feelthebern #berniesanders #marchforbernie #marchforberniechicago

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In the rain ... #marchforbernie #feelthebern #solidarity #revolution #Nikon #uw #berniesanders

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Saturday’s rallies were part of the Vermont independent senator's campaign ahead of the Iowa caucuses, where according to recent polls, Sanders leads his rival – the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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