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7 Dec, 2015 17:33

‘We have a right to terrorism’: RT special report on racial activist’s dream of all-white colony

Residents of a small US town tormented by a racial activist have desperately been trying to bring peace back to their lives, only to find that the legal system is helpless to stop the activist’s dream of founding an all-white colony.

After patroling the town of Leith in North Dakota with a bunch of supporters armed with guns, Craig Cobb found himself behind bars for terrorizing non-white locals. However, Cobb’s detention lasted only a couple of days, and he was released with a four-year probation sentence and a ban from the town.

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“We’ve learned a lot about our justice system…[It] is definitely for the perpetrator,” Leith Mayor Ryan Schock said.

A special investigator - who undertook a probe into the matter by meeting with residents and collecting witnesses’ reports - recommended that Cobb be jailed. The court, however, ruled that there were no legal grounds for his imprisonment.

“The judge… still gave him a plea to get out of jail,” said Lee Cook, one of Cobb’s targets who moved to the town to find peace after his daughter had been murdered in a big city.

“You don’t know when one of these lunatics is going to come back… What stops them from sneaking in here?” Cook told RT, adding that his house is equipped with cameras.

Though Cobb is currently living in nearby Sherwood, he still owns property in Leith which he has been buying up for his like-minded followers.

Cobb is not allowed to return to the town, but he seems hopeful that his ideas are going to thrive.

His house in Sherwood is the only one in the neighborhood surrounded by a wire fence with a menacing “No trespassing” sign.

“I want all people from the right-wing genre to come to Leith,” Cobb told RT's Maria Finoshina, who managed to track him down.

“They look bad, they sound bad and usually they smell bad,” is how Cobb explains his nationalist views, adding that he has a “right to racial terrorism.”

Racist who wanted to create whites-only town proven to be of African descent

Half-American, half-Canadian, Cobb calls himself “America’s most famous racist.” Ironically, in 2013 a DNA test indicated that he is 14 percent Sub-Saharan African.

Though he holds a dual citizenship, Cobb has been banned from Canada. He was arrested in Vancouver for promoting hatred through a racist website, but managed to flee the country before he could officially be charged with a crime. Since there is no equivalent law in the US, he cannot be extradited to Canada.

For more detailed information, watch Maria Finoshina’s final episode of the ‘Nazi Next Door’ special report on RT.