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11 Nov, 2013 19:45

Racist who wanted to create whites-only town proven to be of African descent

Racist who wanted to create whites-only town proven to be of African descent

A white supremacist’s mission to turn a small North Dakota town into an all-white enclave took an unexpected turn when a DNA test proved his bloodline included Sub-Saharan African lineage.

The 62-year-old Craig Cobb recently appeared on NBC Universal’s “The Trisha Goddard Show,” where he submitted himself to a DNA test that indicated he was 14 percent Sub-Saharan African. He is 86 percent European, according to the analysis.

Cobb quickly rejected the results as “statistical noise,” adding that “oil and water don’t mix.” Goddard maintained, however, “You have a little black in you.” She tried to fist bump Cobb but was rebuffed twice.

Speaking to the Daily Mail after the show, Cobb said, “I agreed to the test because I assumed it was science.” Instead, he called it “short science,” the product of “craven and debased executives” whose “goal is to shock.” 

Even if a test he was comfortable with reported the same results, Cobb said his beliefs wouldn’t be any different. Well if I did have any nigger we don't want anymore of it,” he said.

As RT has reported in the past, Cobb has accumulated about 13 properties in the small North Dakota town of Leith, where he is actively encouraging others with similar beliefs to move. In a town with fewer than 20 residents, Cobb plans to use newcomers to help seize control of the government and de-integrate the community.

His efforts have been greeted with protests and rallies by residents and neighboring communities, including local Native American populations. In an attempt to slow Cobb’s campaign, the Leith City Council has passed ordinances requiring buildings to install water and sewer systems or risk condemnation. Along with three other white supremacists, he is currently living in a home that lacks these services.

The council also passed an ordinance banning individuals from setting up tents and campers for more than 10 consecutive days, since Cobb had been encouraging people to move into Leith and live on vacant lots.

Should it be necessary, the city council is considering a last-ditch motion disbanding the local government and handing control over to the county.

For his part, Cobb denies that he’s a white supremacist. He calls himself a Creator, which is a religion that’s based on “racial awareness.” During his Daily Mail interview, he referred to African Americans as “jungle bunnies,” as well as “strolling biological early warning devices. They look bad, they sound bad and often times they smell bad.”

He added that in “a better world,” all black immigrants to the United States would be told, “If you try to have sex with our white handmaidens we will hang you.”

Cobb holds dual citizenship in the U.S. and Canada. He was arrested in Vancouver on the suspicion that he was willfully promoting hatred through a racist website, but fled the country before he could be officially charged with a crime. Since there is no equivalent law in the U.S., he cannot be extradited to Canada.