Murder suspect attacked in court by his own stab victim (VIDEO)

Murder suspect attacked in court by his own stab victim (VIDEO)
In a shocking incident witnessed by the entire courtroom, an alleged murderer on trial was stabbed by one of the victims he was accused of stabbing.

Eric McCullough, who stood accused of stabbing his niece Tyecha McCullough and Antwon Lee during an altercation last month, had his back turned to his alleged victim, Lee, who himself was in orange fatigues and handcuffs.

The camera was rolling, as McCullough stood, facing the judge, and Lee was being led into the courtroom. In an opportune moment, the victim used his own handcuffed hands to start bashing his attacker, McCullough, on the head.

The courtroom guards quickly intervened, pinning McCullough’s former victim to the ground, before the proceedings were put on hold.

After last month’s incident, the niece of the accused died in hospital, while Lee suffered several stab wounds to his side, but survived to see his day in court.

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The Hamilton County Sherriff’s Office has requested a full investigation into the courtroom incident that took place on Tuesday, in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Mcullough has requested additional charges be brought against Lee, who was himself arrested for violating the sex offender registry and was in court for the purpose of testifying against McCullough.