Fresh Baltimore riot footage following #FreddieGray burial (VIDEO)

Fresh Baltimore riot footage following #FreddieGray burial (VIDEO)
A new video showing an episode of April rioting in Baltimore, MD on the day Freddie Gray was buried has been published online. Gray was apprehended by police and later died in custody.

The video posted online was apparently shot by a CCTV camera at the crossing of North and Pennsylvania avenues in Baltimore in April 2015. It shows a crowd of several dozen young black people attacking an empty marked police vehicle for several minutes. Then officers arrive, catching some of the rioters, while the majority of the crowd flees.

According to the video description, the footage was made on April 27, the date of Freddie Gray’s burial. The 25-year-old black man was severely injured while in police custody, which led to the indictment of six officers on homicide charges.

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The death sparked massive protests in the city and across the US. In Baltimore they escalated into street violence that prompted the deployment of thousands of security troops and a week-long curfew.

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