Sailor injured in Tennessee shooting has died – US Navy

Sailor injured in Tennessee shooting has died – US Navy
The US Navy has confirmed that a sailor, who was shot at a military support center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, has died.

"A male Navy Petty Officer succumbed to wounds received in the July 16 shooting at the Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC) in Chattanooga, Tennessee July 18 at 2:17am," a statement from the US Navy read.

This raises the death toll from Thursday’s shooting to five.

"In total, four US Marines and one Sailor were killed in the incident. His name will not be released until 24 hours after the next of kin process is completed," the statement mentioned.

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The US media, citing relatives of the deceased sailor, say he was Petty Officer Randall Smith, 24, who was working as a logistics specialist at the Navy Operational Support Center.

The attack was carried out by 24 year-old Kuwait-born Muhammed Youssef Abdulazeez, who first opened fire at a recruiting center in Chattanooga. He then proceeded to drive to the Navy and Marine reserve center. Abdulazeez was later shot dead by security forces.

It is suspected that the gunman may have travelled to the Middle East for seven months last year. The authorities have information that he was in Jordan and are investigating claims that he could have had connections with Islamist militants.

"We are exploring all travel that he has done and we have asked our intelligence partners throughout the world to provide us with any information they may have," Ed Reinhold, the FBI special agent in charge, told reporters, as cited by Reuters.

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The investigation will try to find out if the gunman was a member of a terrorist organization or a "lone wolf" militant, as well as the motives behind the attack. Abdulazeez was previously fired from a job at a nuclear power plant, where he worked as an engineer for a mere ten days, after failing a background check, AP reported.