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Manhattan inferno: Fire rips through East Village (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Manhattan inferno: Fire rips through East Village (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
A seven-alarm fire tore through several buildings in New York City's East Village on Thursday, leaving at least 19 people injured -- four of them in critical condition.

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Soon after the explosion occurred, dramatic images began surfacing showing flames shooting out of the building's rooftop.

Photo of the massive building Fire and collapse in Manhattan's East Village. #BreakingNews via @nypmetropic.twitter.com/cxYT7Xnt7O

— Mike Demarest (@Mike_Demarest) March 26, 2015

Officials said that four buildings have been affected by the fire and two of them have partially collapsed. A third structure is in danger of collapsing as well.

100 firefighters struggling with flames in collapsed building in #EastVillage in #NewYorkpic.twitter.com/dV3CQGFMG6


The incident is suspected to be a gas-related explosion that started at 121 2nd Avenue in East Village, though an investigation is still ongoing.

Now #FDNY tower ladder operating at 121&123 2nd Avenue in East Village. pic.twitter.com/6suW7DlVah

— FDNY (@FDNY) March 26, 2015

More than 200 New York City firefighters arrived at the scene in order to combat the flames.

@tminsberg: Wow. Incredible photo of @FDNY at work putting out the fire in New York's East Village pic.twitter.com/frdXBHJY9j

— Juan Antonio Tirado (@jatirado) March 26, 2015

Down in the streets, firefighters worked to draw water as fast as possible.

In East Village, firefighters draw water from a block away. pic.twitter.com/InD683Exhh

— Stephen Nessen (@s_nessen) March 26, 2015

Firefighters are expected to work long into the night.

This is what the area looked like before the explosion occurred:

Here are the East Village buildings, before today's explosion/fire. via @googlemapspic.twitter.com/VRgrShz86Y

— Chris Ariens (@ChrisAriens) March 26, 2015

And here's what it looked like after:

Aftermath of the explosion in the East Village. Photo via @blogbaixomanhattan Follow https://t.co/pUJ8WWMBmgpic.twitter.com/lZx0SXpFVv

— Megan Specia (@meganspecia) March 26, 2015

Thoughts & prayers with those involved and responding to East Village fire. #FDNY#EastVillage Photo @JBalankapic.twitter.com/WkDjXdQ9NM

— New York City Alerts (@NYCityAlerts) March 26, 2015

A massive gas explosion rocked #NewYork's #EastVillage Thursday, resulting in a partial building collapse and seven alarm fire. Up to 25 were injured, several critically, and two remain unaccounted for, according to local media. #news Read more on www.rt.com/usa

A video posted by RT America (@rt_america) on Mar 27, 2015 at 7:55am PDT

Responding firefighters quickly clogged the East Village streets, moving people out of a possible building collapse zone.

RT @AlwaysActions: Building collapses in the East Village http://t.co/T7ZFZdmskZ (Credit: Lex Ruscil) pic.twitter.com/Q1UGLTQ50h@NBCNewYork

— res7cue (@res7cuefox5) March 26, 2015

Visibility in the area was also extremely low, and there was so much smoke that it drifted at least 40 blocks north.

Not sure what's going on but very low visibility out here. Thick smoke, awful smell. pic.twitter.com/hgC0kEvej0

— Tracee Carrasco (@CarrascoTV) March 26, 2015

Smoke clouds cover #Manhattanhttp://t.co/BRHMnHFRD4 via @NYBizJournal@OBJUpdatepic.twitter.com/cRxDSLHiMC

— Ameen Hafez (@Ameen4OBJ) March 26, 2015

One rescue attempt was even caught on video.

@rachelzarrell: Amazing rescue video from the East Village collapse via @nayramzpic.twitter.com/CVYZzQPk4J@ABC@ABC7@cnnbrk

— Josh Flitter (@Josh_Flitter) March 26, 2015

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