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25 Jan, 2020 18:18

Leave Pale or Remain Bitter? Yorkshire brewery creates Brexit ALE as UK’s EU departure day looms

Leave Pale or Remain Bitter? Yorkshire brewery creates Brexit ALE as UK’s EU departure day looms

Whether you’re looking for a tipple to toast the future or if you want to drown your sorrows over the course Britain has taken, a Yorkshire brewery has the perfect drink for you on Brexit day.

After years of legal and political wrangling the UK will finally leave the European Union on January 31. The day will be marked with celebrations across Britain as the politics-weary country finally completes the withdrawal phase of the lengthy divorce process.

The historic day has been a source of inspiration for a brewery in Malton, North Yorkshire, which has created a ‘Brexit Ale’ in commemoration. Master brewer Howard Kinder believes the beverage is the perfect parting glass with which to bid the EU farewell.

“The Brexit beer is called ‘Leave Pale or Remain Bitter - You Decide.’ And what we've done is we've taken 52 percent of our Pale Ale, mixed it with 48 percent of our Bitter, as per the referendum result – mixed the two together and we've fermented it in champagne yeast, to add a champagne twist,” Kinder explained. 


The crafty brewers have even left a little bit of champagne yeast in each bottle which ferments naturally before dropping to the bottom. In another piece of clever branding, they’ve dubbed this feature “the Irish Backstop.”

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