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Thousands march in London calling for halt to Brexit & new referendum on UK’s future in EU (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Thousands march in London calling for halt to Brexit & new referendum on UK’s future in EU (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
As British MPs gathered for a crucial Brexit vote, thousands took to the streets of London calling for another referendum and claiming the current deal with the EU has nothing to do with what the people voted for in 2016.

A huge crowd of pro-European demonstrators gathered at Park Lane and marched through the city center towards the parliament building. Those taking part weren’t just Londoners, with 170 buses delivering protesters to the capital from all across England.

The marchers, with the likes of London mayor Sadiq Khan and veteran actor Sir Patrick Stewart spotted among them, carried EU flags and banners decrying Brexit.

“We demand a vote,” the text on many placards read, while others insisted that “the best deal is remain.” The MPs were also warned that “pulling out never works.”

Papier-mache puppets mocking Prime Minister Boris Johnson also caused a few laughs.

“The public deserve another chance to have their say," James McGrory, the head of the People’s Vote campaign which organized the march, said before the event. “This new deal bears no resemblance to what people were promised.” Before the event, McGrory called on the government to heed the anger of pro-Europeans and hold another referendum on EU membership.

The parliament gathered for its first Saturday session since the 1982 Falklands War to vote on amendments to the Brexit deal agreed by Johnson’s government and Brussels. The vote on the deal itself was called off until next week after MPs passed an amendment that withholds any approval for the deal until legislation to implement it has been approved as well. Johnson has called any further voting on Saturday meaningless and refused to ask the EU for a Brexit delay past October 31.

Also on rt.com UK PM Johnson sends unsigned letter to EU asking for Brexit delay after losing parliament vote

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