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‘No disposable cups’: BoJo’s coffee whipped off him by aide in hilarious Tory conference clip (VIDEO)

‘No disposable cups’: BoJo’s coffee whipped off him by aide in hilarious Tory conference clip (VIDEO)
UK PM Boris Johnson received a sharp reminder that his Tory party is supposed to be standing on an environmentally friendly platform, after one of his aides snatched his coffee because it was in a “disposable cup.”

A video posted on Twitter of Johnson walking around the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, flanked by a couple of his aides, has provoked amusement on social media.

One of his aides is seen passing him a cup of coffee, to which the prime minister says “thank you,” quickly followed by “what’s this?” Unfortunately for Johnson, the other eagle-eyed staff member quickly realizes that this coffee cannot pass the lips of the PM for one huge reason.

The female aide is seen swiping the cup away from Johnson’s clutches, to his bewilderment, before she gives her colleague a sharp look and tells him, somewhat disapprovingly, “no disposable cups.”

Many on Twitter found the incident incredibly funny, with some arguing that the disgruntled aide should be made PM as she’s good at giving “hard stares.” While others joked that the “single use cup didn’t even get a single use” and that he “really wanted that drink.”

Johnson will close the Tory conference on Wednesday after a somewhat chaotic event that has seen ministers and MPs having to rush back to Parliament in London to take part in proceedings. The UK government failed in a vote, Johnson’s seventh defeat in a row, to allow for a short recess period, meaning parliamentary business continues as normal.

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