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17 May, 2019 09:52

UK cross-party Brexit talks fail, Labour leader Corbyn says they’ve gone as far as they can’

UK cross-party Brexit talks fail, Labour leader Corbyn says they’ve gone as far as they can’

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has written a letter to UK PM Theresa May claiming cross-party Brexit talks to find a compromise solution had failed due to “the increasing weakness and instability” of her Tory government.

Corbyn declaring the death of Brexit negotiations, which had entered their sixth week, cited May’s decision to stand down as PM as a fundamental reason for the breakdown of talks, saying the government’s authority has been “eroded.”

...talks between us about finding a compromise agreement on leaving the European Union have now gone as far as they can.

The Labour leader insisted talks had been conducted in “good faith” by both negotiating teams. However, Corbyn complained that proposals put forward by the government’s team had been “publicly contradicted” in statements by “other members of the Cabinet.”

He warned May that Labour would oppose her Brexit deal in parliament - for a fourth time - unless her government makes “significant changes” to it.

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A spokesperson for PM May has responded to Corbyn’s letter, saying that it was clear they were not going to be able to reach a complete agreement with Labour.

They insisted that “real progress on some issues” was made, but there were “challenging discussions in respect of the two sides on customs, and the holding of a second referendum.”

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