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6 Jul, 2018 14:23

‘Biggest insult ever’: Farage slams London mayor for Trump baby blimp greenlight, Twitter reacts

‘Biggest insult ever’: Farage slams London mayor for Trump baby blimp greenlight, Twitter reacts

Nigel Farage has branded the decision to permit protestors to fly a Donald Trump baby blimp over London during next week’s visit as “the biggest insult to a sitting US president ever.” Social media exploded in reaction.

Farage, a big fan of Trump’s protectionist policies and tough talk to European leaders, made the comments criticising London Mayor Sadiq Khan during the Thursday edition of his evening call-in show on LBC Radio.

Farage asked his listeners: “Do you actually think that an application to fly an [Barack] Obama blimp, of Obama as a crying young baby over Parliament Square when he came here last during the referendum, to tell us to vote remain. Do you actually think that that would be allowed?”

“I just think that you can’t stop people protesting, expressing their opinion, but I do think this never-ending war of words, and it does cut both ways, the president does cause a fair bit of it, but this never-ending war of words between Sadiq Khan and Donald Trump is frankly ridiculous.”

Taking the London mayor to task for not expressing outrage at what he described as Obama’s initial decision to “introduce a total ban on refugees coming from seven predominantly Muslim countries,” Farage said the decision to allow the blimp was “a step too far.”

As with all things Trump, social media’s reaction has been mixed, with Trump supporters on both sides of the Atlantic agreeing that the blimp was in poor taste, and that the ploy was the effort of a Left “losing and imploding worldwide.”

Those supporting the blimp were quick to bring up the topic of free speech, question Trump’s popularity in the country, insist republicans have been more disrespectful to Democratic presidents, or going as far as actress Patricia Arquette and referring to Trump as a “s***hole president.”

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