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9 Apr, 2018 09:53

Corbyn’s Jewdas ‘anti-capitalist’ beetroot could be yours for £60k

Corbyn’s Jewdas ‘anti-capitalist’ beetroot could be yours for £60k

That anti-capitalist beetroot at the center of the Jeremy Corbyn-Jewdas scandal is up for grabs on eBay – but you’ll need a very pro-capitalist £53,000 ($74,760) to buy it.

The beetroot, which came from Corbyn’s own allotment, was reportedly held up while members of the Jewish group shouted “f**k capitalism,” according to the Daily Mail.

Jewdas, the far-left Jewish group that became embroiled in a scandal after their local MP, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, broke bread with them at Passover, has put the root vegetable up for auction to raise funds for Babel's Blessing – a grassroots community organisation that provides English language lessons for refugees.

Jewdas, which took a very tongue-in-cheek approach to being at the center of a national media debacle, has taken advantage of their newfound public reach and popped the red veg on eBay. As of Monday morning, 87 people had bid on the average-looking, but possibly blessed red perishable.

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So far, the highest bid is sitting at £53,345 ($75,240), which is high for a vegetable but at least it’s for a good cause. “This is an authentic beetroot that was present at the Jewdas 2018 Seder, and later memorialized in a Daily Mail headline,” the listing reads.

“It is currently in our fridge. Feel free to raise it in the air and say whatever you want before/after/during consumption. It will also be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by Geoffry Cohen.”

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Thankfully, Jewdas intends to pickle the beetroot before shipping to ensure maximum longevity. The listing is set to end on Friday, April 13 (spooky) and will be “posted in a week or so, in a jar in a container with appropriate cushioning.”

Those purchasing from overseas will have to pay shipping fees, as the group only covers the cost of packaging so it can be sent in “such a way that it survives.”

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