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9 Feb, 2018 11:02

#ICYMI: Who’s hotter, right-wingers or left-wingers? The answer is finally here (VIDEO)

#ICYMI: Who’s hotter, right-wingers or left-wingers? The answer is finally here (VIDEO)

Political debate and everything that comes with it is generally split between the ‘left’ and the ‘right.’ It’s an ideological divide which, at its most extreme, has led to death, destruction, and misery on a global scale.

What are the differences between the two? Well, to quote the top result on Google (which is really all journalists do nowadays anyway) “Left wing is generally a more liberal and forward-moving ideology whereas right wing is more conservative and generally traditional.”

Honestly though, who cares about that? Because a study claims to have found the answer to the only question anyone actually cares about: Who is hotter, right-wingers or left-wingers? #ICYMI has the answer.

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