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Inside a British prison: Drug smoking inmates brag on smartphones of cushy jail life (VIDEO)

British prisons are constantly being mocked by inmates who smoke drugs, make hundreds of pounds a day in jail and film themselves on smartphones in their cells.

Inmates serving sentences for serious crimes brag about how easy it is to hide contraband from those in charge of the prison.

In recent months, prisoners have posted videos of fights and attacks online using phones they have smuggled into London jails, on livestreaming sites.

Now, inmates are using their phones to brag about how much money they are making in prison and how prison officers repeatedly fail to find their smuggled drugs and goods.

One prisoner, who calls himself Anti, has posted 23 videos in the last fortnight, discovered by RT UK on a social media site.

“I told you they can’t get my phone,” he brags.

“Look at the state of it. They done man dirty, brother.

“We’ve been playing this game, this shit’s cat and mouse.”

Videos entitled ‘Live from the mother***ing jailhouse’ and ‘They can’t keep me offline’ show the 21-year-old, believed to be in Wandsworth Prison in London, doing drugs, watching TV and staying up all night.

When asked if he has ever been caught with a phone, the prisoner doing time for selling drugs responds, “many times”

“What do I tell them?” he said.

“I say ‘Suck your mum’ – and then I get extra days – and then I buy a new phone.”

The inmate, who repeatedly smokes drugs for the camera brags about how he makes hundreds of pounds per day – so he can afford data to livestream videos for his growing fan base.

“I’ve spent £920 [or US$ 1,214 on data],” in two months he said.

“Today was a slow day – I didn’t even make £300 - £290 – that’s it.

“I swear down I’m gonna go broke in this place.”

When ‘Anti’ is caught he claims he is handed extra days on his sentence.

In nine months he has already accrued an additional five months, he said.

One video laughs at an attempt to find his contraband as ‘Anti’ films his trashed cell.

“I got 90 days [extra] for two phones,” he said.

“They’ve slapped me on basic again – look. What does it say? ‘Illicit and unauthorised items were found in your cell.’

“They done a sweep of the wing, you get me.

“They took my p2 (Playstation) and that, but they still never got my phone. Believe in your spot. Man don’t lose phones.”

Earlier this month the Independent Monitoring Board for Wandsworth Prison issued a critical report which claimed the amount of drugs being smuggled in is fueling a rise in violence.

The report also found there was a lack of CCTV monitors to check on people visiting the jail while there are “almost daily” drone deliveries to the prison.

About 40 percent of Wandsworth’s inmates are foreign nationals.

The Ministry of Justice has been asked to comment.