Uber responds to price-surging backlash after London attack

Uber responds to price-surging backlash after London attack
Uber has defended its dynamic-pricing system following intense scrutiny over surging fares during and following the London Bridge attack.

The ride-sharing service came under fire for charging customers an increased fare as a result of a spike in requests amidst the terrorist attack on London Bridge on Saturday night.

Many Uber users took to Twitter to criticize the service for charging more than double the price of a normal fare, while British black cabs were offering free rides to those in the affected area.

Uber told RT.com it had suspended its dynamic pricing at 10:50pm in the area surrounding the attacks, which spanned from London Bridge to Borough Market, “a few minutes after we heard the first reports” and “before the Met Police’s first statement.”

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Uber also claims to have already automatically refunded “all trips from in and around the affected area.”

Uber London’s general manager released a statement Sunday in an effort to stem the PR nightmare, while drivers themselves attempted to defuse the onslaught of hate on Twitter and Uber UK Support’s social media platforms appear to be working overtime to answer critics directly.