Govt needs ‘balanced perspective’ on Russia, Tory MP tells RT (VIDEO)

Govt needs ‘balanced perspective’ on Russia, Tory MP tells RT (VIDEO)
A Conservative MP and member of the influential Foreign Affairs Select Committee (FASC) has issued an appeal for experts with a “balanced perspective” on Russia to testify before the House of Commons.

Daniel Kawczynski MP criticized his own party for not doing enough to understand and ease tensions with Russia as troops on both sides amass in Eastern Europe.

The MP for Shrewsbury and Atcham said the “military buildup” near Poland is “extremely concerning,” and that most Brits do not want to see conflict with Russia.

It’s extremely concerning to hear the massive military buildup that’s taking place on both sides on the Kaliningrad Oblast, where it borders Poland,” he told RT.

We are currently undertaking a report on the FASC on Anglo-Russian relations … That’s why I’m appealing to you today on RT for leading experts on Russia, within the UK, to contact me at the House of Commons, because we want … to engage with experts, academics, professors and people in different sectors to try to get a more balanced perspective, to try to understand some of the difficulties the Russians are facing on the border with Ukraine, a critical analysis of the Ukrainians as well, but also to find out the Russian perspective as well.

We need to lower tensions and I think that this report could play a small part in trying to ease those tensions.”

Kawczynski, who was born in Poland, warned politicians carry a burden of responsibility because conflict between Russia and Europe historically resulted in “millions” of deaths.

He said it will take “courageous men and women on both sides” to engage with each other and keep lines of communication open as tension continues to rise.