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Schlong story: Penis size myths up-ended in study

Schlong story: Penis size myths up-ended in study
There is no evidence of a correlation between a man's shoe size and his penis size, according to a new study. British researchers studied a 15,000-strong cast of global members in the comprehensive project.

The results may help to reassure men they hang within normal parameters. It may also serve to ensure they find well-fitting condoms.

The findings of the study, which was carried out by the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at King's College London, may also help in the treatment of men with “small penis anxiety.”

The condition can lead to a diagnosis of body dysmorphic syndrome, which can lead to depression and, in extreme cases, suicide.

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The investigation, which has been published in the BJU international journal of urology, says the average erect penis length is just over five inches, while around 3 inches when flaccid.

Average girth was recorded to be 4.6 and 3.7 for erect and flaccid respectively.

It was found that around two percent of the population have unusually small penises, and that around the same percentage have particularly large ones.

The study found no evidence that race influences penis size, though the researchers conceded that volunteers were mostly drawn from Europe and the Middle East.

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A study carried out by Ulster University in 2012 did go to considerable lengths to ascertain a link between penis mass and ethnicity.

They compiled a list, at the tip of which were Congolese men with an arguably whopping 7.1 inches.

British males lingered at around mid-shaft in the list with an average of 5.5 inches, a figure which would appear to support the findings of the more recent study.

The least endowed were men from the Korean states, Thais and Indians, according to the findings.

The method of the study remains in question, however. Were those willing to expose themselves to King's College researchers more likely to do so because they were already confident in their endowments?

One of the largest recorded penises in recent times was that of American Jonah Falcon, whose member stood at 13.5 inches. The significant bulge reported caused a security alert at San Francisco airport.

Falcon, a native New Yorker, was quoted in the Daily Mail newspaper as saying he did not regard his penis as “anything special.”