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#indyref 2014: Social media's best reactions to Scottish independence campaign

#indyref 2014: Social media's best reactions to Scottish independence campaign
Scotland’s drive for independence may signal the most historic moment in UK history. Despite the gravity of the vote, some are taking a more light hearted approach. From memes to trolling, here are a few of the best social media moments’ of #indyref 2014.

Here’s the man who could destroy the entire Union

Was this sabotaging of Alex Salmond an unfortunate ‘coincidence’ ?

Or Illuminati?

Even with the future of the union at stake, who would waste an opportunity to be on TV?

Well done, internet.

And when the Yes campaign started surging in the polls, Better Together knew they had to do something. So they called in the big guns:

Of course, only one opinion really matters:

But even though the referendum debate has been so tense that it’s even torn families apart…

Scots still had a fun time trolling politicians:

And whatever happens on Thursday’s vote, one thing is certain......

This photo will haunt you for the rest of your life: