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Berlin truck attack news

Get all the details on the Berlin truck attack in 2016. Read more about the Berlin truck attack which claimed the lives of 12 people in 2016. Read RT to find out more on the Berlin truck attack and other terrorist attacks from across Germany. Learn more about terrorism in Germany, the migrant crisis, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel here on RT. Read more stories on German counterterrorism efforts, including how police foiled an ISIS cell set to ‘shoot and bomb’ infidels. Visit RT to read more on Germany’s deadliest terrorist attack when a truck was rammed into a Christmas market in Berlin in 2016. Read more stories on terrorist attacks in Germany, including a truck attack in Limburg in 2019. Get all the latest Berlin truck attack news here on RT. Visit RT to read news about German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the open-door policy, the migrant crisis, and terrorism on RT.com. Get today’s news on attacks by migrants in Germany, as well as information on the 2016 Berlin truck attack.