WADA poured dope into athlete probe

WADA poured dope into athlete probe
The World Anti-Doping Agency has closed its laboratory in Madrid, Spain, after the negligence of its employees ruined an athlete’s career.

­According to RusAthletics.com, the decision was made after it was proven that the lab workers’ clumsiness led to a forbidden substance getting into a doping probe.

As a result an innocent athlete, whose name has not been released, tested positive and received a disqualification.

It’s not the first time WADA has halted the operation of their laboratories around the globe over costly errors.

Earlier, the licenses of anti-doping centers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Ankara, Turkey, were also revoked.

The lab in the Turkish capital was prevented from working for a year-and-a-half after making a mistake while probing three-time Olympic basketball champion Diana Taurasi of the USA.

Meanwhile, the current scandal may become a huge blow to Madrid’s hopes of hosting the 2020 Olympics.   

The Games’ host city is to be announced in September next year, with Istanbul and Tokyo also in the running.