Charity "Under the Flag of Good"

Politicians, artists and former sportsmen have been attending a gala ceremony in Moscow to celebrate the achievements of a charity called "Under the Flag of Good".

­The organization raises money for children who need medical treatment by holding various sporting events.

President Medvedev's aide, Arkady Dvorkovich, says a lot of good has already been done "Under the Flag of Good".

“The sixth year of this charity event turned out very successful. We helped 200 children with financial and charity support. And over these six years we have helped over a thousand children. This is our modest, but – I suppose – very important contribution to developing charity work in the country. And, of course, and the main result are the happy faces of the children, who go on to live full and valuable lives. And we are very grateful to everyone, who took part in the event,” Dvorkovich told RT.