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10 Dec, 2021 18:37

English football icon presses ahead with plans for mass anti-Johnson protest

English football icon presses ahead with plans for mass anti-Johnson protest

Former Manchester United and England defender Gary Neville has urged his social media followers to “go for it” after calling for a protest against the under-fire government of Boris Johnson later this month.

Popular TV pundit Neville is a frequent critic of Johnson and the Conservative government, and recently unloaded on the prime minister amid the investigation into a potential breach of lockdown rules at a Downing Street party last year.

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Neville has also criticized the latest round of Covid restrictions in England, suggesting they were merely an attempt to distract attention as Johnson faces questions over his position.

After issuing a rant to his 4.9 million Twitter followers, Neville set up a vote asking if they would join him for a protest against “the scoundrel [Johnson] and his disciples.”

“Protest on Downing St anyone to stand up for Truth and Integrity in our democracy,” Neville wrote.

“Against the Scoundrel and his disciples? 18th December seems the right date!! Have no idea how to organise.”

The results are now in, with Neville revealing on Friday that 90% of the almost 150,000 votes were in favor of the protest.

“Right let’s go for it! 18th December. Anyone organise for me,” Neville asked.

While the tweet racked up over 15,000 ‘likes’ within a few hours of being posted, there were some who urged caution.

“Think about this Gary, there are ways to protest that don't involve spreading the virus and could be organised by someone with a huge social media following with very little effort,” wrote one person, adding: “Come on now, get your thinking hat on.”

“I know, I’ll call for a superspreader event, help overwhelm the NHS. Oh, by the way someone organise it for me so I don’t get my hands dirty,” scorned another.

Some claimed they could assist, with one popular reply reading: “Again, Gary, get in touch and we can get this done.”

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There are a host of Premier League matches scheduled for December 18, including Manchester United against Brighton, while the club Neville co-owns, Salford FC, are also in action – meaning he would need to put football aside for the day if he is serious about his anti-government march.