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UK news

Get the news and stories from the UK, which is an island nation in Northwestern Europe. Get all the latest news from the UK on RT.com, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus after announcing a three-week nationwide lockdown, closing all pubs, cafes, and restaurants across the country. Visit RT to stay updated on coronavirus in UK news, as the British government faces public and international outrage over the planned approach of building herd immunity against Covid-19. Two months before the Streatham stabber’s onslaught, armed police shot and killed a terrorist attacker on London bridge, after he stabbed two people to death — stick with RT for more. Follow RT for more news on US-UK relations and on recent meetings between Donald Trump and Boris Johnson. As Britain leaves the EU, the post-Brexit trade negotiations begin — turn to RT for more. Visit RT to read articles on the UK, as the EU and Britain still have many disagreements to work out. A man was arrested on suspicion of smuggling migrants into Britain after 15 people were found hiding in the back of a truck — follow RT for more. Check out RT.com to read expert and analyst opinions on UK politics and economy.