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28 Nov, 2021 15:20

‘Like a video game’: UFC vet Mir KO’d by boxing champ Pulev in bizarre event (VIDEO)

‘Like a video game’: UFC vet Mir KO’d by boxing champ Pulev in bizarre event (VIDEO)

Ex-UFC champ Frank Mir was knocked out on his feet by Bulgarian boxing star Kubrat Pulev in the main event of Triller's 'Triad Combat' event on Saturday night, with fans saying the finish resembled video game 'Mortal Kombat'.

The Triller-promoted event, which pitted boxers against MMA fighters in a strange triangular ring, was seen by most fans as something of a combat curiosity – with few giving veteran fighter Mir a chance against the 28-2 Pulev, a fighter last seen in the ring going nine rounds with Anthony Joshua in a world title bout a little under two years ago.

And they were right.

The fight, which took place under a modified ruleset and with small gloves, was over in just two minutes as Mir, an MMA fighter with just one win in the past six years, was outmatched from the opening bell to the fight-ending right hand which left him staggering on his feet into the corner, hands down by his sides.

That was the only invitation Pulev needed, the Bulgarian following up with an uppercut and a left hook which left the clearly dazed former UFC heavyweight champion reeling before the referee mercifully called a halt to the fight. 

"Dan Miragliotta out here trying to get Frank Mir hurt. Good lord," reacted one fan to the knockout, referencing the referee's strange hesitancy to call off the fight when Mir was clearly hurt.

Another said that the finish "was like a video game glitch", while one more questioned the logic in Mir taking a fight against such an experienced boxer.

"What the hell was Frank thinking? I know he's 40, but this guy's the real deal. He's only lost (recently) to Joshua and a while back to Klitschko," added another, to which a third replied: "You were under the assumption that thinking was involved?"

"Hope Mir is OK," added another. "That was chilling to see. A standing KO? The matchmaking is crazy and it's sad to see a UFC vet needing to do this because he didn't make enough money in MMA.

"Referee was way too slow – respect to Pulev for not unleashing further. True sportsman."

Elsewhere on the card, former UFC firebrand Mike Perry earned an impressive split decision win against 25-3 pro boxer Michael Seals after surviving a knockdown midway through the fight to surge home to victory down the stretch.

Perry even looked surprised when the result was announced – something which was largely matched by the social media reaction, although not all fight fans were in agreement.

"100 percent he had way more volume. The only thing that Seals got was one knockdown. Great fight, Mike," said one online after the fight.

"Terrible decision," disagreed another. "Perry threw wild punches but didn’t land, got knocked down and held Seals the entire fight.

"Seals outboxed him but the wild MMA guy wins. This was stupid; boxers shouldn’t do it. Perry beats women and fights old guys in bars. I have no respect for him. Trash."

"The real fighter won," wrote a third. "Boxers still have heavy advantages under this ruleset. In an actual fight, Perry murders your favorite boxer."