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27 Nov, 2021 16:52

UFC Hall of Famer Sanchez ‘not sold’ on Covid vaccine despite hospitalization for pneumonia & blood clots

UFC Hall of Famer Sanchez ‘not sold’ on Covid vaccine despite hospitalization for pneumonia & blood clots

Former UFC title challenger Diego Sanchez says that he still isn't convinced of the efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccines despite being seriously ill in hospital with pneumonia and several other symptoms of the virus.

Sanchez, who is 39, revealed on his social media last week that he had contracted the potentially-fatal virus but that he had sought relief from an antibody treatment which has shown to have some benefit against symptoms, though the consensus of the medical community says that vaccination is the most effective method of reducing the chance of developing aggressive complications.

"If you qualify for Regeneron antibodies they work it's only been six hours and I'm feeling better," he wrote on social media more than a week ago.

"Do not wait if you get the virus it only gets worse..."

A further update posted by Sanchez appeared to suggest that he was on the mend: "I feel like a Navy SEAL in sleep deprivation hell week! Another sleepless night, my body is cleaning out all the poison.

"The antibodies are working. I'm told three days is all it takes for most people."

However, more recent updates posted to social media by the longtime UFC fighter who left the promotion last April showed that his condition had drastically worsened in recent days – and that he had been hospitalized after contracting Covid-related pneumonia as well as blood clots in both of his legs. 

Sanchez also posted to Instagram an x-ray of his Covid-infected lungs, detailing that oxygen levels have dropped and admitted that he is facing some "trying times".

However, despite evidence showing that the various available vaccines can vastly reduce the risk of developing symptoms from the virus, Sanchez admitted when probed by a fan that he isn't quite on board with the jabs just yet.

"Big fan Diego," wrote a fan to the stricken MMA star. "Why didn't you get the vaccine, please use your platform to advise people how serious this is and to get the vaccine."

"I’m going thru it but I can’t say I’m sold on the vax at the current moment in time," replied Sanchez.

The veteran fighter, who was at one point the longest-tenured active fighter in the UFC after debuting on the very first season of 'The Ultimate Fighter', remains a free agent after his release from the promotion earlier this year.

Sanchez is part of the UFC Hall of Fame after being inducted for his epic 2009 fight against Clay Guida. He had been linked with a move to bare-knuckle boxing but it seems as though any foray into a new fighting arena will have to wait a while until he recovers from his serious illness.