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13 Nov, 2021 17:01

‘If I lose the other one, it’s a different story’: MMA fighter amazed by media coverage after his testicle is removed

‘If I lose the other one, it’s a different story’: MMA fighter amazed by media coverage after his testicle is removed

An MMA fighter has updated fans and called the media coverage he has received "crazy" after having surgery to remove a testicle that ruptured when it was hit by a knee in a horrific training accident.

Luckless Christian Lohsen confessed his ordeal had been "rough" when he posted a photo on Saturday from a hospital bed, where he needed drastic treatment on the agonizing injury.

The 26-year-old's wife, Meg, admitted she had not "fully comprehended what it would be like to marry a professional athlete" in the aftermath, with Lohsen showing a commendable sense of humor as he asked his audience on social media to suggest a new nickname to replace his current alias, 'Hollywood'.

Cheeky ideas included 'The American Uniballer', 'Bollywood', 'One Nut Wonder' and 'Lost One' Lohsen.

"I 100,000/10 do not recommend anyone to go through that," Lohsen warned.

"But since I’m stuck on the couch while recovering, I’ve found it crazy how many articles, comments and forums I’ve seen about what happened.

"I’ve seen support from people I don’t remotely know and I’ve also seen a ton of good jokes that have given me a good, much-needed laugh today.

"Thank you to everyone that’s sending good vibes. I will recover and be back. I’ve got great friends and family supporting me and the perfect wife taking care of anything and everything I’ve needed."

Former UFC fighter Mike Perry was among Lohsen's supporters. "Oh my gosh, man," wrote the bare-knuckle newcomer. "Your sacrifices will be rewarded. They have to be."

Another UFC alumni, veteran Ben Saunders, added: "Dude, sending you positivity in abundance."

Lohsen originally explained: "In a training accident, I got my left testicle ruptured by a knee which led to it getting surgically removed.

"Thank you to everyone last night who helped me get to the hospital. I’m fine: home resting, surgery went well.

"Doc said I won’t lose testosterone or the ability to have kids from this. If I lose the other one, however it’s a different story. So from now on, if you hit me in my last testicle, we aren’t friends."

Professional Fighters League newcomer Lohsen won on his debut for the promotion in August and has a record of nine wins from 11 pro bouts.